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Technical Manufacture Of Marine Diesel Engine

ZICHAI POWER CO ., LTD | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

      In particular, some of the first machine in China's successful manufacturing, technical difficulties, high quality requirements, indicating that the production of Low-speed machine has reached a very high level, but also has the ability to produce the cylinder diameter of 90cm below Low-speed Marine high-power diesel engine.Marine Diesel Engine

      Although the introduction of medium-speed diesel engine, localization, key technology digestion and absorption, the introduction of foreign newer models, and so on, narrowing the gap with foreign countries. But compared with the foreign medium speed diesel engine, in China, the medium-speed machine still has a large diameter distribution, a narrow power distribution range, a small power diesel engine, and a single function, especially in the reliability, high pressure technology, NOx emission control, electronically controlled common rail fuel injection technology, there is a big gap.Marine Diesel Engine

     The marine diesel engine is relatively stable in the overall development of the model, in the last few years, mainly focused on improving the reliability of the model, this is because of the development of supercharged technology, diesel engine enhancement is very fast, especially after the oil crisis, reflected in the reduction of fuel consumption and the burning of poor fuel oil as the target of the strong pursuit of the economy Marine Diesel Engine

      The emission limits of the diesel engine are becoming more and more severe by the environmental policies of various countries, and the increase of the harmful emissions such as NOx and SO2 is the byproduct of the high strength and burning of the inferior fuel oil, and the content of these harmful emission gas components, the marine diesel engine is more than the automobile diesel. The diesel engine manufacturers are working on the following new diesel engines.Marine Diesel Engine

    Reliability in continuous service. Highly fortified. That is to significantly increase the maximum combustion pressure and fuel injection pressure. Emissions comply with increasingly stringent emission regulations. 1997 ships began to implement the International Maritime Organization (IMO) emission limits, the diesel engine manufacturers to take control of the operating conditions or the use of exhaust gas treatment, or even redesign to meet regulatory requirements.Marine Diesel Engine

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