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Zichai Forge To Build Shipping’s Power “China Core”

ZICHAI POWER CO ., LTD | Updated: Aug 21, 2018


On March 16th of this year, the first L250 dual fuel engine of Zichai Power Co., Ltd. was delivered from Boyang Company, the subsidiary factory of Zichai. This engine was equipped on a Hunan engineering ship, which is the first ship used high power dual fuel engine in China.This is another milestone and new starting point in the technology innovation history of Zichai. It is also the mission of Zichai Company to fulfill the mission of state-owned enterprises. The concrete embodiment of the performance marks a solid step in our countryundefineds development of high speed machine in the energy conservation and environmental protection of our own brand.

In recent years, Zichai has determined the strategic positioning of the influential enterprises in the industry and the well-known brand of the equipment manufacturing industry in China. It is making efforts to make the enterprise become one of the advanced bases for the research and development of the core technology of high speed engines in China and the advanced base of parts manufacturing, the new energy source of China uses the core innovation base of equipment manufacturing and technical service. 


New technology leaps into the world’s leading position

Zichai has a model that has become a dark horse in the market that is the ZC200 diesel engine, which has been put into the market in 2016. And in December last year it achieved a single month of order 2.8 times of last whole year.

Why has a new product been widely recognized for only a year in the market and has formed batch orders?

Xin Qiangzhi, the chief engineer of Zichai, told reporters that this new product is small in size, high in power and special save in oil consumption. This is an energy saving, environmental protection and low consumption engine developed by Zichai technical personnel for 2 years. Technology is the world leader.



The design plays the key role on success or failure of a product.ZC200 diesel engine, which fully absorbs the idea of many advanced international models, compresses the volume and weight of the equipment, the digital display of the instrument, the integrated intelligent design, security early-warning function, the high integration of the system, the convenience of the installation of the shipyard, and the more convenient management of the engine.

There was no weak market, only a weak product. When the first prototype was not hoisted to the test bench, the first 2 sets of ZC200 diesel engines had been signed by Fujian customers.


Fujian customers installed "Zichai core" ship, the engine runs steadily; performance is perfect, from Nantong to Shanghai full load of one voyage, only 10 days saving 10,000CNY on oil cost. Customers are well satisfied and fixed additional orders to the ZC200 diesel engine.

At the same time, the model also achieved rapid marketing breakthrough in Chongqing, northeast of China, Guangdong and Guangxi, Hainan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang etc.

ZC200 diesel engine is booming in the market, and it has won countless customers’ thanks letters and phone calls. Fax, customer satisfaction and sincere feedback make "Zichai engine, sincerely and honesty" brand image more brightly!

We have received more than 150 orders and full production tasks. Now, with the continued growth of the order, the company is ahead of the match, optimizes the speed of the production system, and fully guarantees timely supply.

Like ZC200 diesel engine, Zichai also has V170 diesel engine, a number of series of dual-fuel engines and other new products are favored by the market. 


New energy "Zichai core" leads the future

When the fuel vehicle is replaced by the new energy vehicle become a trend. Then, the blue sea, the green Yangtze River put forward a new topic on the environmental requirements for the marine engine factory.

He who does not seek the world is short of a time; he who does not seek the whole is short of a field.

After the successful downline of the first L250 dual fuel engine, in the morning of May 26th this year, the other high power dual fuel engine ceremony and marine engine technical exchange conference hosted by Zichai was held in Qingdao Zichai Boyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.


This is a forum on "the development of the dual fuel engine and marine engine technology". Li Baomin, the Chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Zichai Power Co., Ltd., introduced the development strategy of Zichai, developed the green energy engine, and led the future with innovation. Huang Meng, deputy general manager of Zichai, gave the keynote lecture on dual fuel engine technology. The purpose of this lecture is to explain the technical characteristics and technical advantages of the zichai’s dual fuel engine.

On the basis of mature model, Zichai dual fuel engine uses dual fuel technology, which uses diesel and natural gas as fuel and uses ECU control unit to achieve the best air-fuel ratio of the engine. The comprehensive replacement rate of natural gas is 80% and above. It has achieved high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. At present, it has five series of dual fuel engine products. Maximum power is up to 4500kW. 


Looking for the best alternative to diesel fuel becomes Zichai’s direction for breakthroughs. So, Zichai and Tianjin University are working together to focus on a new topic in the methanol engine.

Methanol is a competitive alternative fuel required to meet the requirements of the sulfur emission control area in the future. As for marine fuel, methanol is quite competitive. As to the effect of emission reduction, the methanol engine is very different from the LNG engine, which can reduce the emissions of sulfide (SOX), nitrogen oxide (NOX), and particles (PM) by 99%, 60% and 95%, respectively, so that it is well satisfied with the requirement of maritime laws and regulations.

In 2017, the project was listed in the project of support for the use of methanol instead of diesel fuel by the Ministry of Agriculture at the time. At present, the preliminary performance test has been completed. The methanol replacement of diesel shows obvious economic and environmental benefits. This year, the mooring test and the running test of the fishing boat were carried out in Nantong.


Creating a New format of the whole Industry chain

Focusing on the high-end manufacturing of the engine, how to build a new format of the whole industry chain has become the focal point for Zichai to seek new and old energy conversion.

At present, Zichai Power Co., Ltd. owns 3 subsidiaries of Zichai Machine Co., Ltd, Qingdao Zichai Boyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd, Zibo Zichai New Energy Co., Ltd. They are going out according to the strategic guidance of " Revitalize the brand of ship creation, making strong land machine for helping development, cultivating agricultural machinery for transformation, conversion energy for level enhancing "  to realize the product from the low-end to the high-end transformation, the management pattern changes from the production manufacture type to the production technology and service.

In combination with the technical characteristics of its own gas generating set, the New Energy Company has vigorously promoted and developed "biomass gas generation", "garbage gasification power generation" and "industrial tail gas generation" etc. projects, which have been approved by the market in Guangxi, Hunan and other provinces, such as Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and so on. Industrial waste gas treatment areas with high market share occupy.

Focusing on environmental protection policies, realize recycling and remanufacturing and develop circular economy. According to the requirements of the National Maritime Bureau, to build a green Yangtze River, encourage the transformation and upgrading of the marine diesel engine to a dual fuel engine, and give the state policy support. In this case, the 50,000 sets diesel engines produced after the year of 2011 are in conformity with the requirements of the transformation, and only after optimized in the factory, can become to the duel fuel engines for continued use, not only saves a large amount of cost for the shipowner, but also provides a solution for the state and the shipbuilding industry to upgrade and utilize the existing resources.

Focus on high-end engine manufacturing, build technology integrated output mode. Huang Meng, the deputy general manager of Zichai, told reporters that as the industrial park of Zichai became a modern industrial park of advanced equipment, the company has purchased a high level of automation processing centers, testing equipment and experimental facilities, which make the company to be a modern ship manufacturing enterprise with advanced equipment, complete functions and strong strength. We have the ability to rely on the main engine industry, in the extension of the industrial chain, to achieve integrated export technology, to achieve a new industry chain of the whole industry

To build a new Zichai, to achieve 5 billion annual sales revenue in the next 10 years, is not a dream for Zichai!

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