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Diesel Engine Performance

ZICHAI POWER CO ., LTD | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Diesel engine has the advantage of high power, good economic performance. Diesel engine work with gasoline engines have many of the same places, each working cycle also experienced intake, compression, work, exhaust four strokes. However, diesel fuel is diesel fuel, its viscosity is larger than gasoline, not easy to evaporate, and its spontaneous combustion temperature is lower than gasoline, so the formation of flammable mixture and ignition methods are different with the gasoline engine. The difference is that the mixture in the diesel engine cylinder is compressed, not lit.Diesel Engine

Diesel engine work into the cylinder when the air is compressed, the air in the cylinder is compressed to the end, the temperature is 500-700oC, the pressure is 40-50 atmospheres. When the piston is close to the top dead center, the high pressure pump on the engine is sprayed with diesel oil at high pressure to the tank. The diesel oil forms fine oil particles, mixed with the high temperature and high temperature air. The diesel mixture burns itself, swells violently and generates the explosive force. The At this time the temperature can be 1900-2000oC, the pressure up to 60-100 atmospheric pressure, power is very large, so the diesel engine is widely used in large diesel vehicles.Diesel Engine

Diesel inhalation in the intake stroke is pure air. At the end of the compression stroke, the diesel fuel pump to the oil pressure increased to 10mpa above, through the injector into the cylinder, in a very short period of time and compressed high-temperature air mixed to form a combustible mixture. As the diesel compressor compression ratio (usually 16-22), so the end of the compressed air pressure when the cylinder up to 3.5-4.5mpa, while the temperature up to 750-1000k (while the gasoline engine at this time the mixture pressure will be 0.6-1.2mpa , The temperature of 600-700k), much higher than the spontaneous combustion temperature of diesel.Diesel Engine So the diesel fuel into the cylinder, in a very short period of time after mixing with the air immediately after the fire burning. The pressure inside the cylinder quickly rose to 6-9mpa, the temperature rose to 2000-2500k. In the high-pressure gas driven, the piston down and drive the crankshaft rotation and work, the same exhaust gas through the exhaust pipe into the atmosphere.Diesel Engine

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