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Cylinders For Marine Diesel Engine

ZICHAI POWER CO ., LTD | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

The ratio of diesel engine bushing damage in diesel engine failure and maintenance is about 30%. In the case of proper structure design and reasonable material selection, the damage of the bushing is mostly caused by improper assembly and use, in which the impurity enters into the diesel engine embedded in the bearing bush, which accounts for about 45% of the damage accidents. Bearing is a vulnerable part of marine diesel engine, so it is of great significance to analyze the cause of bearing damage and take effective precautions to prolong the service life of the bearing. The damage of the wear-resisting alloy layer on the bushing is mainly damaged.Marine Diesel Engine

Two-stroke diesel engine no matter what type of sweep gas. are equipped with a special sweep air pump or supercharger to provide gas scavenging. For the valve-air inlet DC swept type diesel engine only exhaust valve and its transmission mechanism; for the curved-flow sweep gas and the port-air inlet DC sweep type diesel engine there is no valve. Two-stroke diesel engine through a special sweep of air pump or supercharger to increase the external pressure after the time into the cylinder, and in accordance with a certain line of flow to the previous cycle of exhaust gas drive to sweep out the cylinder, and complete the intake and exhaust process.Marine Diesel Engine

For the same diesel engine with two cylinder diameters, piston stroke and rotational speed, the power of the two-stroke diesel engine seems to be one times greater than four strokes. But in fact, because the two-stroke diesel engine cylinder on the air mouth and the work volume has been reduced, mechanical transmission of the sweeping pump also to consume a certain amount of power and other factors, two-stroke diesel engine power can only increase $number. Obviously, if the two power is the same, then the two-stroke diesel engine is smaller in size and lighter in weight.Marine Diesel Engine

Because the two-stroke diesel engine has a much shorter air breathing time than four-stroke diesel engine, and sweep, exhaust almost at the same time, so the sweep process of fresh air and exhaust gas infiltration serious, there are some fresh air with the exhaust gas, increased air consumption, so the poor ventilation quality, and then affect fuel combustion, thermal energy utilization is not sufficient, The thermal efficiency is lower than the four-stroke diesel engine.Marine Diesel Engine

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