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Class 2 Diesel Engine

ZICHAI POWER CO ., LTD | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

              The diesel engine has high thermal efficiency, good economy, easy start, and great adaptability to all kinds of ships, which are soon used as the propulsion power of the ship. By the 1950s, the diesel engine had almost completely replaced the steam engine in the newly built ship. Marine diesel engines are the main power of civilian ships, small and medium sized vessels and conventional submarines (see Marine propulsion units). Marine diesel engine According to its role in the ship can be divided into mainframe and auxiliary machine. The main engine is used as propulsion power of the ship, and the auxiliary machine is used to drive the generator, air compressor or water pump.Diesel Engine

            Most of the time the ship's mainframe works under full load, sometimes in a variable load condition. Ships often sail in turbulence, so marine diesel engines should be able to work reliably under the conditions of longitudinal 15°~25° and transverse 15°~35°. Most ships use supercharged diesel engines (see turbocharged engines), and small-power, turbocharged diesel engines are used only on boats. Low-speed diesel engines are mostly two-stroke machines, and medium-speed diesel engines are mostly four-stroke machines, while high-speed diesel engines are both. The sweep of a two-stroke diesel engine has a backflow sweep, a port-valve-type DC sweep and a piston-type air inlet. High-power medium and low speed diesel engine widely used heavy oil as fuel, high-speed diesel engines still use light diesel.Diesel Engine

             The Low-speed diesel engine directly drives the propeller, in order to make the propeller have high propulsive efficiency, it requires a lower speed. The medium and high speed diesel engine drives the propeller through the gearbox, and the gearbox is usually fitted with the reversing mechanism to realize the propeller reversal, but the Low-speed diesel engine and some medium speed diesel engine itself can be reversed. The medium and high speed diesel engine also has the electric drive through the generator-motor-propeller. When the power is large, it can also use multiple machines and vehicles, low-speed navigation can be used only one host work, thus improving the operating economy and reliability. When installing two main engines with the ship, according to the position of installation and the steering of the propeller, the machine is divided into left and right.Diesel Engine

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