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Cause Of Shaft Fracture Of Diesel Engine

ZICHAI POWER CO ., LTD | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

The straightness of the camshaft can be inspected by placing the front and rear axle neck of the shaft on a V-shaped iron with a flat plate, and then using dial to measure the pendulum difference of the intermediate axle neck. When the straightness exceeds the allowable value, the cold pressure correction should be performed.Diesel Engine 

The test of CAM wear is to measure the height of the distance between the top center of the cam and the diameter of the base circle with the micrometer, and to determine its wear degree by the difference between the two, which should be greater than 8mm. The difference is a small allowable value (8mm). will reduce valve opening, reduce the power and economy of diesel engines, should replace the camshaft.Diesel Engine

If the material lacks, can send the factory to repair to use. The inspection of the camshaft shaft must be the same as that of the crankshaft axle, the surface should be smooth and flat, no corrosion mark, the maximum wear is generally 0.05mm. The camshaft should be replaced over time. If no camshaft can be exchanged, the axle neck can be rounded, and the shaft neck to reduce the size of the corresponding, internal diameter reduction of the camshaft bearings, and then the use of a composite, or the axle neck chrome after grinding to standard size use.Diesel Engine

Original Repair method. The root cause of the camshaft rupture is the abrasion of the pump body, so the method of "heap mending" of welding and brazing can be adopted. Heap fill thickness and area should be slightly larger than the wear, after welding using the method of cutting and grinding to the welding site polishing leveling, restore the original geometry of the pump, cleaning the parts, installed after debugging can be used. The original repair method can also be used to repair the fuel injection pump body with the method of metal glue. That is, with a good modulation of metal coating in the area of wear, coating thickness and area slightly greater than the amount of wear, after the metal gel solidification 20-30min, the area coated with metal adhesive polishing, cleaning parts, installed after debugging can be used.Diesel Engine

Additional part method. The additional part method can be used when the original repair method and the part-breaking method are not available. The concrete method is: Use the knife and grind emery cloth to grind the pump body wear part to light (the wear part is with the support surface of the bracket, and depend on the pump drive axle one end is more serious).Diesel Engine

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