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A Detailed Analysis Of The Components Of Gas Generator Sets

ZICHAI POWER CO ., LTD | Updated: Sep 12, 2017

      The steam turbine generator is large in size, need to be used in conjunction with the boiler, the advantage is that the fuel species can be used more heavy oil, natural gas, coal can be used in particular, can use lower prices of low quality coal general large and medium-sized power plants are steam turbine generator set gas turbine generator small size, easy to transport fuel can only use oil and gas Can not be burned coal actual use of fuel-type units more use of natural gas less suitable for small and medium power generators.Gas Generator Sets

    The diesel engine drives the generator and converts the diesel's energy into electricity, depending on its use, it can be divided into land diesel generating sets and marine diesel generating sets; If according to brand difference, can be divided into domestic diesel generator set and imported diesel generator set; According to the different speed, can be divided into Low-speed generator sets and high-speed generators.Gas Generator Sets

    The production process of gas turbine power generation is to extract a large amount of air from the large gas filtered by the filter, the inlet compressor is compressed, the compressed air enters into the combustion chamber and the fuel mixes and burns, and the high temperature flue gas pushes the gas wheel turbine to drive the generator. This is the gas turbine cycle system. The gas turbine consists of air inlet system, multistage axial-flow compressor and combustion system, gas turbine turbine and exhaust chamber, the main fuel is natural gas, light diesel oil, heavy diesel oil and heavy oil.Gas Generator Sets

    The simplest gas turbine installation consists of three main components: a compressor, a gas turbine and a combustion chamber. The air and fuel are fed into the combustion chamber after being pressurized by the compressor and the pump, where the fuel is mixed with the air and burned, releasing heat. The combustion of the gas generated after the temperature rise, and then into the gas turbine side expansion edge for work, after the work of the gas discharged into the atmosphere and to the atmosphere exothermic. Repeat the above-mentioned boost, endothermic, expansion and exothermic processes, continuously converting the chemical energy of the fuel into heat energy and then converting it into mechanical energy.Gas Generator Sets

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