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Generator exhaust Purifier

ZICHAI POWER CO ., LTD | Updated: Apr 13, 2015

Gas engine with three-way catalytic converter, using sensors and ECU control unit into CO,HC and NOx in the exhaust. Diesel engine exhaust pollutants for HC (smell), CO,PM (black smoke), and NOx. HC cause odour, irritation of the eyes, mouth, nose and throat, respiratory, and toxic and carcinogenic. CO affects the respiratory system and prevent the body's absorption of oxygen, causing headache, high concentrations can be deadly. PM (black smoke) to cause respiratory disease, cancer. NOx irritation of the respiratory tract. Diesel engine group can use the oxidation catalytic converter (DOC), and straight-through maintenance-free exhaust particulate filter for diesel engines (FTF) and Wall-flow diesel exhaust particulate filter (DPF) to remove HC,CO and particulate matter. Can also be used to convert NOx SCR systems.

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