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Gasoline and diesel engines

ZICHAI POWER CO ., LTD | Updated: Apr 13, 2015

Car has a more than 100-year history, leading the history is always in the development of technology. Give some simple examples of larger engines make car run faster, seat belt appears to save a lot of lives, car air conditioning to ensure car warm in winter and cool in summer, in-car entertainment system makes long-distance driving is no longer boring. All in all automotive technology popularization of cars and improve human life has played a vital role.

Today, when consumers are buying more to care about the quality and price of the vehicle, but proper concern for the car the latest configuration is also useful that can at least let you know now exactly what level of development, new technologies and provides a kind of life. Here's a collection of eight cars advanced configuration, and introduced, namely: gasoline and diesel engines, electric vehicles and hybrids, automatic parking systems, night vision systems, vehicular communication systems, road deviation warning systems, adaptive cruise control, 8-speed automatic integrated transmissions.

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