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  • industrial wind turbines for sale M30

    Contact Nowindustrial wind turbines for sale M30M30 backpressure turbine is single stage backpressure turbine.Its rotor uses a velocity-compounded stage impeller.Nozzle pitch diameter is 800mm.Its speed regulating system can use KOEI electronic speed governing,and also can use woodward TG17 or TG13 mechanical governor and TG17E+2301A...Read More

  • steam turbine generator set T4

    Contact Nowsteam turbine generator set T4T4 series backpressure tubine is double-decked arrangement engine of the surplus heat utilization and the combined heat and power to product.While satisfies process steam,it may also obtain the inexpensive electric power.Thus energy can be used reasonable;the economic efficiency is obvious.It is...Read More

  • M80

    Contact NowM80M80 condensing rotors are consist of one velocity-compounded stage and seven pressure stage.it also can be designed by customers themselves.Its rotate apeed is 5600r/min,and it can achieve gear shaft output to installation of gearbox according to user requirements.The set uses DEH,which mainly...Read More

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